Reopening of air borders

*NB: these dates for resuming sub regional flights are subject to change depending on the evolution of the decisions of the ountries served.

Since July 15, we have gradually resumed our flights to the cities of our network. From now on, fly to Dakar, Libreville, Cotonou, Conakry, Bamako (July 29), Niamey and Ouaga. (August 2) and soon to all your favorite cities.


We remind you that on departure, arrival or in transit at Abidjan airport, all passengers are subject to fill the mandatory Air Travel Declaration form available online at the following address: « »


You can search the conditions of entry in the countries by entering the following syntax in your browser:


However, we invite you to contact the competent authorities to inquire about the conditions of entry, transit or stay as well as the health protocols in place in your country of destination, to avoid any inconvenience.