Please contact us or your travel agent no later than 48 hours before departure for full details of your pet’s transportation requirements and rates.

The company has taken into account domestic animals (dogs and cats only). To find out whether your pet can travel in the cabin or in the hold, it is essential to notify us of its presence at the time of booking. Pets are accepted in the cabin as long as they are housed in a secure container (bag or cage) measuring 55x40x23cm (L x D x W) and weighing no more than 5 kg. In that case, you’ll have to pay a flat fee of 15,000 FCFA.

To transport your pet in the hold, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The animal must be transported in an IATA-compliant crate, as shown in the photo opposite,



  • The crate shell must be made of fiberglass or rigid plastic only,
  • If the crate has wheels, they must be removed. If they are retractable, they must be secured with adhesive tape,
  • The animal must be able to stand with its head fully erect, without touching the top of the crate. It must also be able to turn around and lie down comfortably,
  • The crate must have a double bowl for food and water. This must be empty, fixed and easily reachable without opening the crate.

Otherwise, your pet will not be allowed to board.

Contact the embassy of your destination country to find out about the requirements (vaccination, quarantine, etc.). Your pet’s travel documents must be in order before departure.

To ensure that your pet travels with complete serenity, we suggest that, on the advice of a veterinarian, you administer a product to avoid airsickness or any untimely reaction during the flight.

Animal protection regulations and import/export regulations of the countries concerned must be observed.

Special conditions of carriage apply to specific breeds of dog.




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