sMiles is Air Côte d’Ivoire’s frequent flyer programme.

It rewards your loyalty by earning you miles which can be converted into awards and exclusive benefits.




You can join free of charge by filling in the online form on the airline’s website, in an Air Côte d’Ivoire agency or via your travel agent.




sMiles has four (04) card levels, from the 3-star card to the Diamond card, via the 4 and 5-star cards.




Award miles are miles acquired during your travels which are used to purchase rewards (award tickets, lounge access, excess baggage, etc.), without any impact on your card level. They are made up of the normal value linked to the distance and fare class of the ticket, plus any bonuses.

Qualifying miles determine your status within the programme and move you from one level to another. They are calculated in the same way as award miles, except that bonuses are not taken into account in their calculation.

Passing from one level to another is done by earning qualifying miles when travelling on our routes. To obtain 4-star status, 25,000 qualifying miles are required. To go from 4 to 5 stars, 60,000 qualifying miles and to go from 5 stars to Diamond, you need to reach 100,000 qualifying miles.

The Diamond level is also accessible by invitation from General Management.

The 3 Star card is permanent. The other levels are valid for 03 years from the date you reach the level.




You automatically move up to the next level when you reach the required number of miles. Your new 03-year qualification period will begin with the surplus miles you have earned. On the other hand, if you do not accumulate enough miles to access the next level at the end of the qualification period, your status is reset to the same level but with a balance of qualifying miles reset to zero.

Finally, if you do not earn any miles over the period, you are downgraded one level.




It’s easy! All you have to do is give us your sMiles number when you make your reservation, buy your ticket or check in at the airport.

The number of miles earned depends on the distance, the booking class and the level of your card. To find out more, use our miles calculator!

Earn calculator

Qualifying miles :

3-star level miles are permanent until you reach 4-star status. From then on, they are valid for three (3) years from the date of entry into the level. 

Award miles:

Award miles are valid for five (5) years from the date of travel (Example: miles earned on a trip in August 2023 expire at the end of August 2028).




Yes, it is only possible to buy award miles to obtain the desired award. Miles are sold in batches of 1,000 miles at 20,000 FCFA with a maximum of 30,000 miles per calendar year.




Have you just joined the programme but have already flown before? Retroactive crediting of miles is  possible for flights operated up to 6 months before joining. You are already a member and have not been credited with your miles after a trip? No problem! You can claim these miles from 7 days after the flight up to 12 months after the date of the flight. To do this, you need to make the claim online via your personal space or send an email to, providing details of the trip: the plane ticket, boarding pass or the date and route taken.

Claim miles

Miles accumulated during your flights can be exchanged for the following rewards:

  • Economy or business class award tickets
  • Excess baggage of 10, 20 or 30 kg
  • Access to airport VIP lounges
  • Payment of penalty fees on your flight tickets for a change of travel date

For an award ticket :

The request to book an award ticket must be made at least 48 hours before the planned date of travel via your online account, at an Air Côte d’Ivoire agency or by email to

For excess baggage, access to the VIP lounge or payment of penalty fees:

The request must be made at least 48 hours before the planned date of travel via the online account, at an Air Côte d’Ivoire agency or by email to However, for departures from Abidjan only, it can be done on the day of the flight at our airport agency.

Changing an award is governed by the award conditions for each award. These can be consulted in the “Spend miles” menu.

However, miles cannot be reimbursed after the award has been issued or if the validity period has expired.

You can use your miles to book an award ticket or excess baggage for a third party, whether they are an sMiles member or not, even if you are not travelling with them.

However, “lounge access” and “penalty fee settlement” awards are not transferable.

No, you cannot transfer your miles to another member of the programme.

No, you cannot use miles to obtain an upgrade.

The number of miles required to benefit from an award varies according to the type of award. A scale by destination is available. For an award ticket: from 4,900 miles on the domestic network and from 6,500 miles on the regional network. For excess baggage: from 2,500 miles on the domestic network and 3,400 miles on the regional network. For access to the VIP lounge: 2,500 miles required per access. For penalty fees: 3,500 miles per change.

To find out how many miles you need for an award ticket, use our award calculator!

Redemption calculator

No, award tickets do not earn miles.




Yes, you are entitled to a physical card once you have registered your first trip on your account. This can be collected from the Air Côte d’Ivoire branch of your choice or from the sMiles customer service offices on the 2nd floor of the Carré Massina building in Abidjan, Port Bouët in the airport zone.

Any Member noticing the loss or theft of his/her sMiles card must immediately inform the sMiles customer service department by post or email. The first replacement will be made free of charge and for any other print, 100 miles will be deducted from the Member’s account.

Contact sMiles customer service by post or email for a correction, taking care to provide the correct information.

Please contact sMiles Customer Service by post or email, who will merge the 2 accounts. An email will then be sent to you specifying the number to keep. The excess card must then be returned to Air Côte d’Ivoire.

To change the personal information in your account, you must log in to your personal online space. However, the “last name”, “first names” and “date of birth” fields are locked and can only be modified by the sMiles customer service. To do so, a request must be sent by e-mail to

There are several ways to find your sMiles number:

  • By following the instructions on the “Forgotten FFN” button on the login page of the website;
  • By contacting sMiles customer service or an Air Côte d’Ivoire branch;
  • By looking for the welcome email that was sent to you when you joined the programme.

You can reset it via the “Forgotten PIN” button on the member login page. Alternatively, you can send an email to sMiles Customer Service.

You can benefit from sMiles advantages at partners by simply presenting your sMiles card. You will find all the information about these advantages in the “Good deals” menu.

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