Evasion Packs

Looking to get away from it all?
Enjoy our Escape Packs!

We’ve designed packages for you, valid on our domestic network, including your plane ticket, transport by hotel shuttle and overnight stays in our partner hotels in Odienné, Man, Korhogo and San Pedro.

To find out more, contact our Abidjan offices.

Frequently asked questions

The Air Côte d’Ivoire Evasion pack is an all-in-1 package that includes the flight ticket, transport to the hotel, accommodation and breakfast. The only point of contact for this Evasion pack is Air Côte d’Ivoire.

San-pedro from 169,400 FCFA incl. VAT, Korhogo from 159,400 FCFA incl. VAT, Man
from 129,700 FCFA incl. VAT and Odienné from 132,200 FCFA incl. VAT.




Evasion package is a regular offer for San Pedro, Korhogo, Man and Odienné.




The Evasion pack is currently only available to two (2) domestic destinations, namely Korhogo and San-pedro. For regional destinations, the offer is currently being designed.

For the moment, children and babies are not included in the Evasion pack, but we are planning to launch a package for families.

For ground transportation, you will be assisted by the hotel shuttle, and Air Côte d’Ivoire staff will be on hand to accompany you if necessary.

Included services are: flight ticket, shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, bed
and breakfast, wifi in the hotel, swimming pool and all entertainment available in the




No, the pack is only available at Air Côte d’Ivoire’s hub and airport agencies.

If the booking is not cancelled and one or more passengers do not show up (no show), the hotel will invoice Air Côte d’Ivoire for all the services booked, at the contractual overnight rate.

No, you cannot reuse the ticket because it is linked to all the services included in the Evasion pack. These services (Ticket – Ground transport – Accommodation and Breakfast) cannot be used separately.

No, the Evasion pack is no longer valid. It is an ALL-IN-ONE pack for which you lose all the advantages if you fail to comply with any aspect of the offer.

If you miss your return flight due to an irregularity linked to Air Côte d’Ivoire or the hotel, the hotel will continue to accommodate you. If you miss your flight for personal reasons, you will lose the Evasion pack (Ticket – Ground transport – Accommodation and breakfast).

No, the Evasion pack is not yet available for families, but this option is currently being developed.

Yes, you can take advantage of the Evasion pack every day of the week on San-pedro and Korhogo, where we operate flights 7 days a week.

Journeys in the Evasion pack are made in economy class only, in order to offer you attractive fares.

Yes, trips in the Evasion pack are taken into account and give entitlement to miles under the usual conditions of the programme.

Yes, you can change your return date as long as you stay within the 3-night provisions of the Evasion pack.

Your pack is valid for 1 month.

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