Our creation

The newly born airline company, Air Côte d'Ivoire, created in May 2012, particularly provides competitive advantages: direct and frequent flights at favorable schedule.

The President of the board of Directors is General Abdoulaye Coulibaly


The Executive Board includes:

  • M. Laurent LOUKOU
    General Manager
  • Mme OUIDI Aïcha
    Commercial Director
  • M. Josselin AGONVINON
    Financial Director
  • Yves Noel FOSSOU
    Legal and Public Relations Director
  • M. Denis BEHIBRO
    Maintenance Director
  • Julien KOUELY
    Director of Compliance Monitoring 
  • Jean Jacques Ouegnin
    Air Operations Director


The airline company is made of a 625 staff, including 79 pilots, 165 flight attendants, 60 airplane technicians and 321 people on the ground.