Sale of sMiles



  1. What is mileage sales ?
  2. The Miles Sale product is a fee-based service that allows members of the sMiles frequent flyer program to earn award miles outside of the traditional miles-for-travel channel on our routes.

  3. Who can benefit from this offer ?
  4. The offer is available to all sMiles members at all levels.
    However, to be eligible, the member must have at least 2 flights credited to his account.

  5. Is the offer permanent or a promotion ?
  6. The sale of miles is a permanent offer of the company Air Côte d’Ivoire.

  7. What is the rate for purchasing miles ?
  8. Miles are sold in batches of 1000 indivisible miles at the price of 20,000 FCFA / 40 USD / 16,000 NGN / 240 GHS / 400,000 GNF with a purchase limit of 30,000 miles over a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

  9. Where can I go to buy the miles ?
  10. The purchase is made in Air Côte d’Ivoire agencies in cash or by card.

  11. Can I buy as many miles as I want ?
  12. No. The purchase is limited to 30,000 miles in one (01) calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

  13. Can I buy less than 1,000 miles or just the number of miles I need to qualify for the desired award ?
  14. No. Miles are sold in indivisible lots of 1,000 miles. Sales are therefore made in increments of 1,000 miles with a maximum of 30,000 miles per year.

  15. What can I do with the miles I have purchased ?
  16. Miles purchased are award miles and can be redeemed for the following : tickets, excess baggage, lounge access and penalty fees (date change).
    This conversion will be based on the existing award tablee.

  17. Can I buy miles to upgrade ?
  18. No. Purchased miles cannot be used to change status within the offer.

  19. How long will it take for the miles to be available in my account after payment ?
  20. Purchased miles will be credited to the member’s award miles account within 72 hours of purchase.

  21. What is the validity of the miles acquired ?
  22. The miles have a life of five (05) years from the date of acquisition. After this period, they expire and cannot be retroceded.

  23. Can I buy miles for a third party ?
  24. The purchase of miles for the benefit of a third party is possible provided that the beneficiary has an sMiles account to which the miles will be credited. The beneficiary must also meet the eligibility criteria of having at least 2 flights credited to the account and not having exceeded the 30,000 mile limit for the year.

  25. If I join the sMiles program today, can I still benefit from this offer?
  26. The new member of the program must first complete at least 2 flights to be eligible for the offer. However, if he have already taken trips in the 6 months prior to joining the program, he will be able to update his account in order to be eligible thereafter.

  27. I live outside Côte d’Ivoire, can I access the offer ?
  28. The offer is available to any sMiles member who meets the eligibility criteria. However, to make the purchase, they must go to an Air Côte d’Ivoire agency in the network.

  29. I purchased miles for a trip that was later cancelled. Can I get my money back ?
  30. The purchase cannot be cancelled and refunded once the money has been collected and the miles credited to the account.