Make your animals travel

The company has set plan for pets. To check whether your pet can travel in cabin or in baggage hold, reporting its presence is necessary while booking. Pets are accepted in cabin provided they are housed in a secure container (bag or cage) of 55x40x23cm (L x W x S) dimensions and a total weight not exceeding 5kg. You should in this case pay for a XOF 15000 fee.

Please contact us or contact your travel agency no later than 48 hours before departure for any information related to transportation conditions and rates.
Get in touch with the embassy of the destination country to find out administrative requirement to be fulfilled (vaccinations, quarantine etc.).

Your pet travel documents must be in order before leaving.

For a pet’s safe flight, we recommend to give a product likely to avoid airsickness or any accidental reaction during the flight upon advice by a vet.

Provisions in force about animals’ protection and import and export regulations of involved countries must be abided.

Special transportation conditions apply to certain breeds of dogs.